Callaway Custom Fitting

Callaway Custom Fitting = Quick, easy and accurate clubfitting

Our Callaway Golf Custom Fitting System gives us an unparalleled array of fitting clubs to work with while fitting you, virtually eliminating the guesswork out of being fit for your new Callaway clubs.

OptiFit Clubs Replicate the Look, Feel and Performance of Production Clubs

Callaway Golf engineers have designed OptiFit Fitting System irons to make them indistinguishable from the actual iron a consumer will put in play. The swing weight and center of gravity location are virtually identical to the finished production club with no discernible difference in terms of playability, feel and performance.

Choosing Your Ideal Clubhead and Shaft Combination has Never Been Easier

There are 12 irons heads and 20 shafts for a total of 240 unique iron configurations. Choose from stock and custom shafts available in varying lengths and flexes, as well as iron heads in a variety of lie angles.

Players of All Abilities Will Benefit

The novice golfer will discover, before purchasing his/her clubs, which loft and flex combination work best for them. The advanced golfer will be able to fine-tune their desired feel and ball flight with precision.

Callaway Golf are obsessive about creating technology that can help every golfer become a better golfer. The OptiFit Fitting System is an innovative way to find your ideal Callaway clubs and hit longer and straighter shots.

Callaway golf custom fitting using the latest Opti-Fit system is available at The Carnoustie Golf Shop Scotland’s No.1 authorised fitting centre.

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