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Why Get Custom Fitted?

Titleist golf custom fitting, Titleist believes that there are several benefits to being custom fit for golf clubs. The fitting tools and methods that comprise FittingWorks ensure that the player will be armed with the knowledge to choose the optimum full set of clubs.

By incorporating the correct club models and personalised set specifications recommended by an authorised FittingWorks Fitter, the player can expect to:

  • Hit all shots more accurately.
  • Shave strokes with better short game execution.
  • Have noticeably better distance control.
  • Consistently drive the ball longer.

Your Titleist Golf Custom Fitting Specialist will use the latest Titleist SureFit® technology, a full complement of irons and a wide range of featured and upgrade shafts to ensure that we can fit every golfer into the Titleist products that will maximise their game. Our Fitting Specialists have worked oneonone with thousands of golfers so you can feel confident knowing that your fitting experience will be exceptional.

Titleist Golf Custom fitting

In short, playing with properly fit equipment throughout the entire set will help golfers play better golf. The Titleist FittingWorks programme offers a variety of options for golfers of all abilities to receive a professional Titleist club fitting.

Fancy a new set of Irons?

Why not come along and be custom fitted for your favourite brand, The Carnoustie Golf Shop is an authorised golf club fitting centre for Ping, TaylorMade, Callaway, Cobra and Titleist.

As well as using the leading manufacturers club fitting systems and software The Carnoustie Golf Shop uses FlightScope the world’s first 3D doppler tracking golf radar launch monitor.

Looking to get yourself a custom fitted set?

Book your FREE Titleist custom fitting appointment today! Call us on 01241 857951 / 851984 or click here to contact us.

The Carnoustie Golf Shop Scotland’s No.1 authorised fitting centre uses the latest Titleist Sure-Fit fitting systems.

To find out more about Titleist golf products please visit https://www.titleist.co.uk/


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